As for the future, our task is not to forecast it, but to enable it
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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Independent consultant since more than twenty years. Ingénieur de l’Ecole Centrale de Paris and actuary. Prefered activity domains:

  • actuarial calculations, financial mathematics, especially complementary pensions and expertises, big data(stress testing)
  • project management and custom programming for financial IT projects. I am not looking for big projects; change is initiated through small things.
  • creation of dedicated business programming languages to enable users to «program» in their activity domain
  • training: I teach new techniques of IT development, especially functional programming and non-SQL databases. To help an IT team in its evolution is a big joy for me
  • innovation: I have initiated a benevolent project of urban ropeway and Hiero, a cryptofinance project. No innovation without systemic thinking