As for the future, our task is not to forecast it, but to enable it
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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What is systemic thinking ?

System thinking is a necessity

The young man on the picture on your left is demonstrating a systemic feed-back, probably unknowingly !

This situation is ridiculous ! The young man may know that he is making the acorns fall! However he does not realize that He is making the acorns fall on his head !

You will find here, playfully demonstrated, information about systemic thing, chaos, unexpected events, so-called black swans, with examples from IT-development, psycho-economics, finance, politics and justice.

When we deal with a complex system, the reactions of the system can be difficult to anticipate, if at all. And we tend to view ourselves as victims. Often with a strong moral connotation ! Whereas stepping back and patience would help us to cope with our difficulties

The term side-effect is typically used to name these unexpected effects. Some side-effects are much more important than the main effect.

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